Zinc, Copper & Stainless Steel Roofing

Zinc, Stainless Steel, copper, Coated Steel & Aluminium roofing & cladding

We supply and fit all hard metals including zinc, copper, stainless steel, coated steel and aluminium from all manufacturers.

Benefits of Hard Metal Roofing

  • Life span- Most Hard metal roofs have been proven to last up to and over 100 years
  • Low Maintenance
  • Light weight (compared to lead and tiled roofs)
  • Eco friendly- Metal roofs are 100% recyclable at end of life and also benefit from being made with a high percentage of already recycled material.

Hard Metal services we offer

  • Design, Supply and fix of roof coverings
  • Wood work build-up of warm & cold Roofs including insulation, membranes & ply decking
  • Fascias, Soffits, Bargeboard & dormer cladding
  • Wall Cladding and facades
  • Matching Gutters & downpipes
  • Advice on roof build ups
  • Other cladding
  • Bespoke services


Zinc is by far the most common type of metal roof and cladding we install. It is an ever popular choice with clients and architects because of the high design specification it can achieve.

There is not a zinc roof we’ve worked on that doesn’t look stunning when complete, we relish the opportunity working with architects to achieve unique visions. Zinc is available in many different finishes and colours to produce a vast range of finishes, all produced at the manufacturing stage (sample books available on request).

We also supply and install matching zinc gutters & downpipes. All the zinc we use is supplied by two of the biggest manufacturers; VMzinc & Rheinezinc, who provide materials of the highest quality. Please click the links to the manufacturers to learn more about zinc and the finishes available.


Stainless steel roofing and cladding is an excellent option, especially on heritage projects or when trying to fit into a local landscape as it comes in many grades and finishes to achieve your desired finish. The Terne-coated stainless steel option is increasingly being used to replace lead roofs on churches where lead has been stolen or as a protective measure for at risk roofs as it achieves a look similar to lead once it has weathered. Other grades are used depending if you are in an urban area or rural area trying to match local barns/ farm buildings, ultimately the grade/type will be dependent on your design scheme. We can also supply and fit matching gutters and downpipes in stainless steel. We use Aperam (formerly Arcelor Mittal) Uginox stainless steel products in our roofing and cladding, you can view their website and learn more about stainless steel and their products here.


Coppers popularity stems from its durability, corrosion resistance, ability to form complex shapes and its historic appearance. It has been utilised by craftsmen for centuries to create beautiful and long-lasting building systems. More recently copper cladding has been used in a much wider range of buildings in many different forms. For example, the copper clad wall is a modern design element for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Part of the allure of copper is the array of colours it can display, from a bright metallic colour to nearly black, and its final oxidised colour of green patina. Russet, plum, mahogany and ebony as well as the final green patina are colours that can be visible during the patination process of bright/natural copper.

We use copper cladding products from KME. It is possible to get copper off the shelf in pre weathered mid stage known as TECU OXID, and the final Green Patina stage, this product is called TECU PATINA.

KME also offer other Copper alloys within their KME TECU Range which consists of:


Please click here to view KME’s website and to learn more about copper roofing & cladding.

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